We don't need to be more creative than we are.
We need to be in a safe environment that allows us to share our creativity.


Rassouli conducts several programs every year on creativity, painting and living a joyful life. These programs include weekend retreats, day-long workshops and private sessions that are not only about painting, but they are beneficial in all other creative areas as well as in how to be more satisfied with life in general.

The purpose of Rassouli's retreats and workshops are to allow participants feel
the joy of creating together and to celebrate love and friendship!

Weekend Retreats with Rassouli

Weekend retreats offer the unique opportunity to gather for an extended time and not only learn from Rassouli, but share the energy of creating as a group. This unique event will combine instructor-led discussions about the creative process, Fusionart, and how to open up to your inner creator. Below are some examples of the past weekend retreats:

Weekend retreats give the participants an opportunity to explore their expanded creativity. Everyone is encouraged to take risks: to explore the unpredictable rather than predictable, and engage in expressing themselves.

During the retreat, the participants enter the free playground to reflect the beauty of their soul on canvas.  No one has to endure restrictive techniques in "how to" paint. Instead, the emphasis is all about freeing the imagination to express images that are ordinarily kept inside. Suddenly, one meets an aspect of the self that have been kept hidden.

All participants are guided to paint in their choice of oils, acrylics or multi-media transforming imaginative ideas into fresh and compelling images.

Participation in group discussions about creativity augments individual guidance from Rassouli. Even those who have not touched paint and brush before will be quite surprised and delighted by their own creative power.

Weekend retreat is a gathering in which everyone puts aside their judgments and criticism and share in the process of creating and expressing and bringing to life that which emerges from imagination, visioning, and the mystery of the heart!

It is an opportunity for all to be free to move beyond the mind to come together to focus their longings and capabilities in a way that is inspiring.

Weekend retreats are in the style of the traditional atelier and workshops where students lived together sharing the expertise of the masters and experiencing a connection and unique form of guidance and togetherness.

During the retreat, Rassouli demonstrates the fundamentals of applying patterns and textures to the artworks and shows the ways to do under painting, layering and glazing.

When creative energies gather together participants inspire themselves and others through action, through production, and through sharing the results. For when energies gather, they mount, multiply and expand!

Weekend retreats are like a vacation that one spends in a friendly circle of comradery, painting, fun, music, dance, yoga, group hiking and meditation all under the guidance of Rassouli.

Everyone joins with others in an alchemical exploration of painting, yoga, song, dance, music and silence to fully live and breathe their creative heart.

Retreat p
articipants continue bonding at night with merriment and fun, jokes and storytelling, usually around bonfire. And for those so compelled, the passionate pursuit of art at any hour!

Everyone learns how artists reflect their dreams on canvas. They discover various ways of finding their true purpose in life and the process of living out their dreams. Participants learn how through the process of painting, they can discover the key to unlock their destiny and create ways to act upon their true calling.

Occasionally,  weekend retreats are combined with tours of certain cities where participants enjoy visiting museums and other points of interest guided by Rassouli’s incredible knowledge of art and architecture.

Weekend retreats with Rassouli include May 2019 Painting Retreat in Southern Calif. September 2019  Painting Retreat in central Europe, and October 2019 Painting Retreat
in Houston, Texas. If you are interested to participate or learn more about them, please
contact Avatar Fine Arts by sending an email to info@AvatarFineArts.com,
placing "Weekend Retreat" on the subject line.

Day-long Workshop with Rassouli

Day-long retreats are to guide the participants to tap into their source of unlimited potential as Rassouli guides them to realize there is so much more to them than meets the eyes and they learn to explore the inner recesses of their creative abilities. Topics include how participants can keep themselves in the creative flow and how to get out of blocks and taking the path toward ripening. Below are some examples of the past weekend retreats:

Day-long workshops are designed for anyone who is interested in embarking on a creative journey to recognize their potential and abilities as a creative person, and to gain confidence in expressing themselves.

Day-long workshops will help the participants to practice the expressive techniques and tools of painting from composing the canvas and mixing the palette of color to application of paint and finishing details.

Through demonstrations, Rassouli guides participants to tap into their creative resources as the eternal wellspring of power and perpetual source of their joy and confidence. These workshops provide opportunities for everyone to explore their creative ideas.

It is energizing and renewing for everyone to experience their own joy and creativity and be in a secure place where all participants are able to share their feelings with others!

Day-long workshops offer participants a chance to unplug from their daily life and dive into the space of their heart. During this magical period, they leave aside to-do lists and obligations; and shift their doubts, fears and preconceived notions about who they are and instead use the creative process to uncover their most authentic self.

Workshop participants are guided to practice the expressive techniques and tools of painting from composing the canvas and mixing the palette of color to application of paint and finishing details.

Even those who have never before picked up a paint brush, the journey of creating is a life-altering event that takes them into their inner world and helps them to bring out their divine child into a free playground.

A total of 6 Day-long retreats with Rassouli are scheduled for this year in Los Angeles. They take place on a Saturday every other month. If you are interested to participate in the Day-long retreats or learn more about them, please contact Avatar Fine Arts by sending an email to info@AvatrFineArts.com placing “Day-long Retreat” on the subject line.

Private sessions of guidance by Rassouli

Private sessions with Rassouli are beneficial for the artists as well as those who are looking for proper direction in their career and in their life in general. If you are an artist who is blocked or is looking for guidance to further develop your artistic ability, or benefit from it, you can arrange to have a personal conversation with Rassouli. If you are not an artist, but interested in being guided to add direction, creativity and excitement into your life, you will find Rassouli’s guidance extremely helpful.

Private Sessions with Rassouli can be arranged on Skype, phone or in person.
If you are interested to book a private session with him or learn more about them, please contact Avatar Fine Arts by sending an email to info@AvatrFineArts.com
placing “Private Session” on the subject line.

Videos of Painting Retreats

Comments about previous retreats, workshops and private sessions

Oh, dear Rassouli! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, they are so inspiring.  I have always had a problem with finding inspiration, so thank you very very much for showing me that I don't need to have a "theme" prepared in my head before I start creating. That I can simply start on any creative idea and the theme will come itself. It's a big relief for me to create this way.……..Love, Hana

Thank you ever so much for orchestrating such a creative event.  My life is never the same after having shared time with you.  I'm sure you've heard that many times before…….David

We got in around 10:30 pm last night so I am just now getting into my e-mails...I want to thank you for the wonderful weekend and the continued inspiration, insight, mentoring and love that you share with all of us…….  Lily

While reading about Rassouli’s weekend retreat, I couldn't help but laugh because I never attended a retreat when I was eight years old but at this retreat I sure felt like an eight year old. I really enjoyed these three days because it seemed to flow without interruptions. Everyone used all the time that they wished to just focus on painting. Thank you for your wisdom, guidance and for sharing your beautiful heart. By the way, your painting is delicious…….. Irene

Thank you so much for getting us together this past weekend to work in our artistic endeavors. I had so much fun learning the process and watching you paint. And I appreciated all of the feedback and help that you gave to me. It was all such a treat! …….. James

Words cannot express my joy and gratitude over the weekend art retreat. You are always an inspiration…….. Nympha

... Feel longing today.....Thank you from my heart for expressing such kindness and encouragement to me and my sister. You inspire us all to greater commitment..... Will

Good Morning Rassouli! Thank you so much for the insightful creativity retreat yesterday!  I had a wonderful time.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone with open heart.  What a great bunch it was.  I am happy to see that my own progress is moving along.  I so appreciate how you teach us.  You support everyone, yet you also say the truth that needs to be said.  The influence of you infiltrates our life, not just our creativity.  I am so glad I met you.  Thank you for sharing your joy with me.  It is the most precious gift……. Much Love, Jamye

The highlight of the workshop for me is to be in the midst of the flow of creative energy. It is like being in an adult candy store, never knowing what sweets will be found. Each artist provides a unique experience............Jackie

I enjoyed most of all Rassouli's words that art, which comes from the soul, is more enduring and universal and can be felt in the painting forever after................Clare

I felt compelled to join the workshop. .... The flow of colors and spirituality feeds my soul and energizes me. .... I felt 2 sides of the same coin...drawn to unblocking creativity and finding my style..  I appreciated the art discussion and the beauty of the art....  Jane

Everybody was urging Rassouli to keep painting on my painting - finish it, they all said - then
you would have an original Rassouli!!! I ignored the chorus because to continue where Rassouli left off, in the spirit of collaboration was simply more valuable to me..... Roy

Dear Rassouli, with a beautiful feeling in my heart I still with all the people I met in your workshop. Thank the Universe that I had the opportunity to meet with you and listen to your wisdom to help the understanding of myself and give strength to advancement. I look forward to create every day as a small child….....With love embrace,  Lida

Hello Rassouli, I have to say that I really enjoyed last weekend's creativity retreat. I felt a lot of support and nourishment among a wonderful group of people and I learned a lot not only how to express myself in a creative way, but also about what art is really about, and how to be creative not only in art but in all aspects of my life. Your poems by mystic poets were also very inspiring and made me dive into an ocean of freedom that I have been longing for, but what touched me the most was your patience and caring for all the group and your positive encouragement. I will spread the words about your retreats to my family and friends whom I care about to come and experience the joy for themselves……. Thanks again! Nikki

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