RASSOULI  is an artist and an author who is known for his unique style of Fusionart. He migrated to the United States from Iran as a young man and is currently residing in Southern California.

Rassouli grew up studying under traditional Iranian painting masters while searching volumes of artistic works of varied traditions and styles. He roamed the art museums, won awards for his paintings, and traveled in classical Europe as a teenager prior to going to the United States in 1963 to further explore his artistic drive. There, he studied fine arts and architecture at the University of New Mexico and environmental psychology at the University of Southern California.

Although he practiced architecture for a time, painting ultimately became his overpowering passion and his profession. Through the years, Rassouli has created hundreds of canvases, in his unique style of Fusionart, which invite the viewer into the union between the Eastern philosophy and the Western technology.

The conceptual approach of Fusionart has been developing in Rassouli since early childhood, which is evident in the expansive scope and variety of his art works. Rassouli paints with rags, with his fingers, and uses his favorite brushes when he feels moved to enhance what is happening on the canvas. He begins with a canvas primed with black paint and brings the light of vision to it developing a relationship with the appearing images as he creates.

Within the past thirty years, He has exhibited widely in the United States, Europe and Asia and has created several major murals.  Rassouli's art has been featured in numerous books and periodicals, including several books that he has written and are available at bookstores and on the internet. He guides others through his writings, in retreats, shares his approach to creativity through public talks, in radio and television interviews, in videos and films, and above all through his paintings.

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 Major exhibitions of Rassouli
2018  -  Exhibition – Tregg Ison Gallery, N. Hollywood, California

2017  - Solo Exhibit – Nivedita Saboo Gallery – Pune – India

2016  - Solo Exhibition  -  Mark Burkhardt Fine Arts  -   Chicago, ILL

2014  - Solo Exhibition – Bait Muzna gallery, Muscat, Oman

2013  - Solo Exhibit -  Hippodrome Art Gallery,  Gainesville, Florida

2013  - Andrea Smith Gallery  - Sedona, Arizona

2013  - Solo exhibition in Prague Tower, Prague, Czech Republic

2012  - Solo Exhibition  -  Depak Chopra Center, Carlsbad, Ca.

2012  - Solo Exhibition -  LePetit Muse’ d Art,  Palm Beach, Florida

2012 -  Solo Exhibition  -  Paul Joseph Gallery  -  Miami,  FL

2012 -  Solo Exhibit – Brno Art Gallery – Czech Republic

2011 -  Solo Exhibition – Mayfair Galleria – Los Angeles

2011 -  Solo Exhibition – Saddleback college Art gallery – Mission Viejo

2010 -  Group Exhibition - Collectors Edition Gallery - Maui, Hawaii 

2010 -  Solo Exhibition  - Mayfair Gallery – Downtown Los Angeles

2009 – Group Exhibition – Quantum Leap – Burbank, CA

2009 – Solo Exhibition - Pacific Art center – Los Angeles

2009 – Solo Exhibition – Art Modern Gallery.  Naples, Florida

2008 -  Fusionart Exhibition, James Gray Gallery,  Bergamot Station, Santa Monica

2008 – Solo Exhibition – Agape Sanctuary – culver City, Calif.

2008  - Fusionart Exhibition – Gallery C, Hermosa Beach, CA

2008  - Exhibition  - California State University Northridge Art Gallery, Northridge

2007 – Solo Exhibition   -  Jack Corbin Gallery,  New York, NY

2007 – Solo Exhibition -  Colony Theatre & Gallery – Burbank, California

2006 – Solo Exhibition -  Avatar gallery, Edmonton, Canada

2009 – Fusionart Exhibition – Pacific Art Center  - Los Angeles

2005 -  Solo Exhibition  -  Primavera Art Gallery, Ojai,  California

2005 -  Solo Exhibition  - J.C. Fine Art 2000, Inc.  Las Vegas, Nevada

2004 -  Solo Exhibition  -  Petite Louvre Art  - Woodland Hills,  California

2004 -  Solo Exhibition  -  Lighthouse Center for the arts,  Santa Barbara, CA

2003 -  Solo Exhibition  - Agora Gallery , New York, NY

2003 -  Larry Snofin Gallery  -  Hollywood, California

2003  - Solo Exhibit – The Gallery at Hyatt Regency,  Costa Mesa, CA

2003  - Solo Exhibition  - Studio Gallery  -  Newport Beach,  CA

2003 – Solo Exhibition – Ward-Chelsea the Artist’s Gallery, New York, NY

2003  - Solo Exhibition -  Studio Gallery, Irvine, California

2003 -  Solo Exhibition – Paul Joseph Gallery,  Las Vegas, Nevada

2003 – Solo Exhibition – Coast Gallery,  Laguna Beach, Calif.

2003 – Solo Exhibit – Gallery on Broadway San Diego, CA

2002 -  Solo Exhibition  - Larry Smith Gallery , Hawaii

2002 -  Solo Exhibition  -  Embry-Riddle University auditorium,   Daytona Beach, FL

2002 -  Solo Exhibition  - CSUN  Center for Visual Art– Northridge, CA

2001 -  Solo Exhibition  - Mountain Magic Gallery , Roanoke,  Virginia

2001 -  Solo Exhibit - Agape International, Culver City, CA

2001 -  Solo Exhibition  -  Word Chelsea Gallery,  New York, NY

2001 -  Solo Exhibition  -  Alex Diamond Gallery,  La jolla, CA

2001 -  Solo Exhibition  - UCLA Kirkoff Gallery , U of CA, Los Angeles

2000  -  Las Vegas Art 2000 -  Las Vegas, Nevada

2000  -  Solo Exhibition  - Art & Stone Collections Gallery  - Beverly Hills, CA

2000  -  Reception  for  Mural of “Angel of Unity” Venice, California

1999   -  Solo Exhibition  Celebrity Center,  Hollywood

1999  -  Solo Exhibition  -  Seven seas Fine Arts,  Venice,   Calif.

1999  -  Solo Exhibition  -   LAX Hilton Gallery,  Los Angeles

1999  -  Art Expo Group Exhibit in  Javits Center, New York  

1998  -  Solo Exhibition  - Metro Denver Art Center, Denver, Colorado

1998  -  Solo Exhibition   - Celebrity Center Gallery,  Hollywood, California

1998  -  Art Expo Group Exhibit in  Javits Center, New York  

1997  -  Solo Exhibition  - Robert simon Gallery,  Culver City, CA

1997  -  Solo Exhibition – Metro Fine Art Gallery,  Denver, Colorado

1996  -  Hilton Fine art Gallery  - Orange County, California

1996  -  Solo Exhibit  - No Borders Art Gallery, Brentwood, California

1996  -  Solo Exhibition of Paintings and Architecture -  Beverly Hills, CA

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