Selected Poems from the Divan of Shams

Direct Translations & Mystical Expressions by Rassouli

ISBN: 978-1-922161-38-3
Paperback, 260 pages.


In this book, Rassouli has translated some of Rumi's most inspirational  poems  directly from Persian, and has described their life-altering mystical concepts.
This is a book in which poetry, mysticism, theology and philosophy merge into each other in the form of conversations with
the beloved. It is where human being is the hero who journeys inside the self to conquer the ego and unite with his infinite creative power.

The book also introduces influential mystics of the east and what they have offered to humanity.   

Foreword by Michael Bernard Beckwith
 Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center


About the book

Rumi has been introduced to the western world primarily as a poet, but the scope of his creative power and the range of his vision shine far beyond the literary genre of poetry. Rumi was often in an exalted state when he shared the revelations of his poetic expression. Playing a sitar and singing and dancing his joy wherever he went, Rumi exhibited a tireless energy to proclaim the unlimited potential of the human being.

Many centuries later, we are still mining truth from the work of this visionary mystic. Rumi has hidden the secrets of the universe in his metaphors and stories and offers a continuing invitation to be true to the expressions of the heart. One verse can open a vision to reveal the richness and beauty of a new life hidden within our dreams and imagination.

In 'Rumi Revealed', mystic artist and author Rassouli, who was raised as a Sufi, reveals the deeper essence of Rumi through his direct translations and visionary interpretations of Rumiís ecstatic verses.

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