Learn and practice
The Wisdom of Madness
under Rassouli's guidance and demonstration


even if you've never touched a paintbrush.

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Dear Rassouli - Thank you ever so much for orchestrating such a creative event.  My life is never the same after having shared time with you.  I'm sure you've heard that many times before…….David

We got in around 10:30 pm last night so I am just now getting into my e-mails...I want to thank you for the wonderful weekend and the continued inspiration, insight, mentoring and love that you share with all of us…….  Lily

While reading about Rassouli’s weekend retreat, I couldn't help but laugh because I never attended a retreat when I was eight years old but at this retreat I sure felt like an eight year old. I really enjoyed these three days because it seemed to flow without interruptions. Everyone used all the time that they wished to just focus on painting. Thank you for your wisdom, guidance and for sharing your beautiful heart. By the way, your painting is delicious…….. Irene

Thank you so much for getting us together this past weekend to work in our artistic endeavors. I had so much fun learning the process and watching you paint. And I appreciated all of the feedback and help that you gave to me. It was all such a treat! …….. James

Words cannot express my joy and gratitude over the weekend art retreat. You are always an inspiration…….. Nympha

... Feel longing today.....Thank you from my heart for expressing such kindness and encouragement to me and my sister. You inspire us all to greater commitment..... Will

The highlight of the workshop for me is to be in the midst of the flow of creative energy. It is like being in an adult candy store, never knowing what sweets will be found. Each artist provides a unique experience............Jackie

I enjoyed most of all Rassouli's words that art, which comes from the soul, is more enduring and universal and can be felt in the painting forever after................Clare

I felt compelled to join the workshop. .... The flow of colors and spirituality feeds my soul and energizes me. .... I felt 2 sides of the same coin...drawn to unblocking creativity and finding my style..  I appreciated the art discussion and the beauty of the art....  Jane

Everybody was urging Rassouli to keep painting on my painting - finish it, they all said - then
you would have an original Rassouli!!! I ignored the chorus because to continue where Rassouli left off, in the spirit of collaboration was simply more valuable to me..... Roy

Dear Rassouli, with a beautiful feeling in my heart I still with all the people I met in your workshop. Thank the Universe that I had the opportunity to meet with you and listen to your wisdom to help the understanding of myself and give strength to advancement. I look forward to create every day as a small child….....With love embrace,  Lida

Hello Rassouli, I have to say that I really enjoyed last weekend's creativity retreat. I felt a lot of support and nourishment among a wonderful group of people and I learned a lot not only how to express myself in a creative way, but also about what art is really about, and how to be creative not only in art but in all aspects of my life. Your poems by mystic poets were also very inspiring and made me dive into an ocean of freedom that I have been longing for, but what touched me the most was your patience and caring for all the group and your positive encouragement. I will spread the words about your retreats to my family and friends whom I care about to come and experience the joy for themselves……. Thanks again! Nikki

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