MARCH 25 THRU 27, 2022

The idea of creating together in an “atelier” with a professional artist, where a small number of students and apprentices make works of art under the master’s guidance and supervision has been in Rassouli’s mind for a long time. As we move out of the pandemic, he is going to conduct a new painting retreat focusing on a new approach in:

Developing Inspirational Paintings

This special retreat is set high atop the hills and bluffs of the Palos Verdes Peninsula
in Los Angeles, California. The venue is Mary & Joseph Retreat center located at 5300 Crest Road, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275.  This place has majestic views of the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles, and the entire Los Angeles basin. Nearby are the rocky cliffs on the edges of the Pacific Ocean, the Point Vicente lighthouse and Interpretative Center, a prime location for whale watching, and several hiking trails.

July Retreat

Who is Rassouli?

Rassouli is a widely exhibited artist, an architect, and the author and artist of over 23 books and oracle cards, including known "Book of Creativity" which is a guideline for the art of self-creation. His "Sufi Wisdom Oracle" won the title of the "Best Oracle Cards" among many global entries in 2020 competition. Rassouli is the founder of Fusionart movement in art, which is a fusion of dream and reality. He shares his idea as "the Wisdom of Madness" in his weekly Zoom sessions, and on Spotify and Apple podcasts. Rassouli's main focus is to reveal the shortcuts that he has learned and experienced in his journey from creating inspirational arts into living a value-driven life.

What makes this retreat different?

After over a year of quarantine, we are happy to have arranged an amazing program for your participation along with many new practical concepts to spike your creativity, open your block, make your art attractive, press the reset button and explore into the creative person you were meant to be. the program is designed to help you revive and reconnect with your creative muse, a kind of personal reunion. You will leave this startling weekend feeling light and free, inspired to make beautiful artworks and ready to engage life with a deeper level of love, joy, meaning and purpose.

Painting Outdoors 

Receiving direct guidance
This retreat will include a small number of participants, which allows Rassouli to work personally and hand-in-hand with you to create inspirational paintings. He will conduct discussions, show films and will coach you directly to expand your awareness of how your mind and body work together to create your life experience, making it easier to tap into your human potential and feel cool things like joy.
The thrill of the painting retreat will allow extended friendship and togetherness and more concentration on inspiration and breaking creativity blocks.

If you have sheltered too long  at home or have faced a dizzying array of life transitions within the past year, you will definitely benefit from this weekend retreat and the creative directions you will receive from the author of the Book of Creativity. 

July Retreat

Is this retreat only for artists?

Whether you are a professional artist or you have never held a brush in your hand, if you are looking for a thrill in your life, this retreat is for you. While creative exploration is a major theme of the experiences, we believe creativity is not only on canvas, but life itself is the greatest artform and the way we see, think and communicate can be among the most important creative choices we ever make. No matter what career path you are on, or where you are at in life, you will find this retreat has a lot to offer you.

What exactly happens at this retreat?

Retreat participants gather to connect their hearts with one another from around the globe in a great variety of artistic mediums, or whatever empowers them to create and inspire. The retreat is held in a safe, supportive, environment free of judgment, in atmosphere filled with inspirational creative energy, camaraderie and Joy.

This retreat is a blend of creating artworks, engaging discussions, creative exercises, individual reflection, sensory experiments, group adventure, beautiful spaces and lots of joy and laughter. All of these moments thread together, forming something exquisite and beautiful that must be experienced to be understood. Many attendees have life-changing epiphanies, gain clarity on tough choices, feel inspired to pursue forgotten dreams and find their best friends. We highly recommend you come see for yourself. 

You will have the opportunity to open up to the flow of your inner creator to create your “self” as artwork , while creating several works of art. You will practice on canvas to get rid of confusion, chaos, lack of focus and develop the confidence to carry what you will experience into your everyday life.

Retreat program

Participants will arrive on Friday March 25, 2022 from 3:00 pm on. Check-in begins at 4:00 pm. Dinner will be served from 6:00 until 6:45 pm. Painting workshop begins at 8:00 pm. with the introduction to the program and will go on for two days of fun and creativity. Departure time is between 4:00 to 6:00 pm on Sunday March 27. Eeryday program will be emailed to the participants as it becomes available.

Where do I find more details about this retreat?

After you sign up, you will be receiving relevant detail information on regular bases. In case you still have more questions, we will be happy to respond.

If my situation changes, what is your refund policy?

Due to the intimate size of the groups, every participant represents a significant percentage of the whole, and takes the place of someone else who could have attended. For this reason, we offer a full refund until Feb.1st 2022 and 50% refund from then after until March 1st, 2022. From then on,  you are welcome to pass your attendance to someone else, or come to another Rassouli retreat.

Any other question?

If you have other questions, please send us an email to: info@Rassouli.com ! We’d love to hear from you!


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