April 6 through June 8, 2024

Every Saturday from 8am to 10am Pacific time

Inspirational art is an artistic expression that conveys a deeper level of meaning than images made of forms and colors. It stands for something greater than just a picture. It invites the viewers to connect with the beauty that is around us. During the upcoming winter playshops, Rassouli will guide you to create the expression of your heart and soul. You will practice transmitting mystical messages. You will learn to reflect your dreams and desire into paintings that are perceived through emotion.

These online painting "playshops" will provide the opportunity to develop your ability to paint
like the masters. Each week we’ll step into another artist's world, where we’ll see through their eyes, and discover how they created their inspirational paintings.  We’ll explore the landscape of their time, climb into the artist’s heart and mind, review their technique, discuss their observations of the world and their art. Under Rassouli’s teaching and guidance, you will learn to create your own inspirational paintings influenced by the greats.

During these playshops, you practice developing your unique personal painting style, draw wisdom from the inspirational arts that have come before and create your own visual narrative that turn cultural, surreal, and symbolic artworks into Inspirational Paintings.


Enjoy creating works of art even if you've never touched a paintbrush
Rassouli is a widely exhibited artist, an architect, and the author and artist of over 23 books and oracle cards, including known "Book of Creativity" which is a guideline for the art of self-creation. His "Sufi Wisdom Oracle" won the title of the "Best Oracle Cards" among many global entries in 2020. Rassouli is the founder of Fusionart movement in art, which is a fusion of dream and reality. He is on a mission to guide others to believe in and trust themselves. He wants you to be freed up to experiment, explore, play, take big risks, search and find your way in your painting practice. His main focus is to reveal the shortcuts that he has learned and experienced in his journey from creating inspirational arts into living a value-driven life.

Sessions are recorded so can revisit the live stream at your leisure.



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Comments about previous online playshops

I quickly realized the playshop was about life, and nothing to do with how to mix thalo blue and titanium white! and our paintings are an exquisite outcome of what happens when we connect with ourselves and each other. The world would definitely be a happier place if everyone learned these treasured lessons. I feel both blessed and excited by the journey, one that is only possible when you have such an enlightened soul teaching and guiding you. THANK YOU! Cavita from UK

Dear Rassouli, I want to express my gratitude. These Zoom playshops for me have provided an opportunity for energetic leap and at the same time I have gained new technical skills. I had attended several painting workshops in person, but these zoom sessions have been so  inspirational and we have been blessed to be connected for so many weeks.  Reet from Estonia

Thank you Rassouli! You really are the master art gardener here and we are all blooming!  I am so thankful for your humbleness in offering this playshop. I love the format, that every time it is different and spontaneous. I love how viewing each painting sometimes guides the topic of discussion. We are really part of BIG magic happening here!!I feel like I attend a new and different Art exhibit each week. Very thankful to have found this!  Rosario from California


Dear Rassouli, thank you for your wonderful sessions and for all the wisdom you give us. I have found my way, my style and myself through these sessions. You have opened a door of spiritual art for me, and how to open myself towards my imagination and freedom of an artist. Nives from Slovenia


What I am getting out of these Zoom sessions is the inspiration to continue painting as a process of discovery within who I am. I have specifically learned how to express feelings on the canvas. Columba from Georgia


I enjoy your demonstrating a painting technique after each discussion and the review of the artwork, I particularly appreciate the discussions on the creative process. Thank you so much! Rafaele from California


Thank you very much for the inspirational sessions of Playshop. I love the sharing experiences of all colleagues. I am learning a lot from these sessions, I forget fear and judgment and gained more confidence and peace. Painting has now become a kind of therapy for me. Teresa from Portugal


I love the inspirational talks before our painting sessions.  You have such a gentle, spiritual way of expressing yourself that allows the creative flow to open up. Your talks are truly inspirational. Cheryl from California


These sessions have gifted me an avenue to release my subconscious self on canvas.  It seems to be helping me live with my new reality and for that, I thank you!! Mariyeh from California

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